A slightly overpromising chat

LifeNaut[1] is a web app offering a „digital backup of a personality“. You sign up as to Facebook, create an avatar and feed it with personal information. Anyone chatting with the avatar shouldn’t notice a difference to the original person. ZEIT ONLINE reports[2] that a meaningful conversation is possible after only „5 to 10 hours of training“.

I put it to the test and did a short interview with a „virtual spokesperson“ of LifeNaut.

AI Conversation LA00219135
A chat with Virtualspok6165, an Artificial Intelligence bot
10 June 2012

13:05:35 Virtualspok6165: Are you real?
13:06:52 User: I suppose. Would you give me a short interview for my blog?
13:06:54 Virtualspok6165: I am a real virtual spokesperson.
13:07:29 User: I see. May I quote you on that?
13:07:30 Virtualspok6165: I tend to stay here, talking to people.
13:09:11 User: Have you ever passed a Turing test? [3]
13:09:12 Virtualspok6165: That’s an interesting idea!
13:09:34 User: No, that was a question.
13:09:35 Virtualspok6165: That’s a good thing.
13:09:51 User: Pardon?
13:09:51 Virtualspok6165: LifeNaut is fantastically interesting.
13:10:52 User: Do you analyze what I type or just print out random sentences from a pool?
13:10:55 Virtualspok6165: You can make your avatar, upload things about you, and create an AI that becomes like you.
13:11:30 User: I’m sorry, but you just failed my Turing test.
13:11:31 Virtualspok6165: Go to Free Sign Up (top of this page), register and then sign into your account and click on the My Avatar Button (looks like person), then follow the instructions, have fun.
13:14:20 User: Did you understand what I just said?
13:14:21 Virtualspok6165: Please use that kind of language elsewhere on the web.
13:15:05 User: Thank you for the interview.
13:15:05 Virtualspok6165: LifeNaut is a free service that allows you to create a digital backup of your personality.

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